@atypicalfox @anomiseditrix that’s a fair point. We’ve had issues with scammy cam girls but the community reports them pretty quick so their account don’t survive for more than few hours.

@atypicalfox absolutely! Next month will be releasing private photos and camera roll uploads. Q1 next year we plan to drop FB. 🙌

I guess we might count this Mastodon community as a failed experiment 😂

@Todd I so happy to hear this! You can think of this community as a smaller Facebook replacement with it's own community guidelines. NSFW allowed 😃

@AnnAndMagicMike The purpose here is more about sharing and discussing things that usually most people wouldn't not do it on their Facebook or Twitter. I guess you can still connect with other people on here but this Mastodon community is not a replacement of Feeld 😃

Few tips:
- Well, complete your profile so others can take you seriously. A profile photo is a good start.
- Use if you want to engage with the community.
- Unlike the Feeld app this community is free from Apple and Google's regulations. Free yourself and go wild.

@2plusYOU Welcome! It’s just like Twitter but without their rules and regulations. We were curious to see if Feeld Members will benefit from something like this after Tumblr’s decision to pull the switch on all adult content and Facebook banning all sex related topics on their platform.

@atypicalfox You are welcome! Like any other experiment I don't really know. I got inspired by the recent policy changes by Tumblr & Facebook. If the community finds this sort of thing useful we can try to implement it within Feeld (after we fix all the current issues with the app of course). :)

Hello everyone! The Feeld Community is brand new experiment. I've reached out to our most loving members to join in but it might take some time. Be patient please.

Feeld Community

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