Hello everyone! The Feeld Community is brand new experiment. I've reached out to our most loving members to join in but it might take some time. Be patient please.

@dimo thanks for the invite! What do you have in mind for this place?

@atypicalfox You are welcome! Like any other experiment I don't really know. I got inspired by the recent policy changes by Tumblr & Facebook. If the community finds this sort of thing useful we can try to implement it within Feeld (after we fix all the current issues with the app of course). :)

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Feeld Community

Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld is dedicated to creating an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. After recent announcements by Facebook and Tumblr that they are banning all conversations around human sexuality. Before there was thin line, now they've decided to remove it altogether. This inspired us to create a decentralised social network that isn't focused on dating.